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I’m on Team Ravenclaw for Pitch Slam!

For those of you curious about my current project, AS SEEN ON EVIE, I was selected for Team Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter-themed Pitch Slam contest. Over the next few days, agents (or Professors, as the contest has deemed them πŸ™‚ ) will be awarding points to entries within the different houses, which equate to number of pages requested. I’ll find out on Monday afternoon if any agents have been intrigued enough by my entry. No matter what happens, it is a huge honor to have been selected for a team. Here is the link:

I just have to say that although my characters would probably be sorted into Slytherin (the cunning and ambitious Justin) and Hufflepuff (patient and loyal Evie), I definitely belong in Ravenclaw. The online test told me so.

To everyone who entered, kudos to you for putting your work out there! If you got in, fantastic! And if you didn’t, I’ve been there–even recently :). Every contest is subjective, and I always believe there’s a reason for everything, whether it’s the timing or the mentors/agents involved. I received some wonderful feedback from the last contest I didn’t get into that I applied before this one, and I incorporated comments from both feedback rounds of Pitch Slam before submitting my final entry. Onward and upward!

2 thoughts on “I’m on Team Ravenclaw for Pitch Slam!”

  1. Yay! Contests are definitely subjective but such wonderful opportunities, so I’m so glad EVIE made it in. And in Ravenclaw, no less! (fellow Ravenclaw here) Good luck to everyone who made it in #PitchSlam!

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