Your Secret’s Not Safe with Me (YA Contemporary)

Status: Work in Progress
Category and Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Word Count: 58,000

Seventeen-year-old Dora Lockhart can’t wait for her parents to cruise off around the world. Bon voyage. It’s fine they’re leaving Dora and her brother, Sam, behind. Honestly! Because Dora will be backpacking and canoeing with her Girl Scout troop for two glorious weeks.

Or not. Grandma’s supposed to stay with Sam, but when she breaks her leg, they hire a babysitter. In her parents’ reasoning, this means Dora has to stay home, too. (Hello, Mom and Dad, maybe don’t leave your kid with a lady you met five minutes ago.) The babysitter, Marie, is a nightmare–hooking up with the married policeman next door and forcing Dora to scoop all the poop in the backyard. Dora’s so leaving anyway. Except Marie has the gall to cancel the trip for Dora and then somehow hit herself with a frying pan and bleed out in the kitchen minutes after Dora sends her a text threatening to bury her. Talk about unlucky timing. The police probably won’t believe Dora meant that figuratively.

Terrified Marie’s officer boyfriend will arrest her, Dora panics and blackmails Sam into helping her stuff Marie’s body in the downstairs freezer. She’s in major violation of the Girl Scout Law–and maybe for nothing. Because the body disappears. Either Marie’s a walking icicle, or someone’s playing a seriously disturbed prank on them. They’re not waiting to find out. She and Sam skip town and go into hiding. They have to figure out who knows their secret before they end up on ice.

YOUR SECRET’S NOT SAFE WITH ME is a 58,000-word contemporary young adult novel that gives a twenty-first century spin on Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.